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Like the families it applies to, family law is often complex, with issues that are usually multi-layered and multi-dimensional. Due to their difficulty, grappling with issues surrounding family law can often be stressful and emotionally draining.

During this period, it can be difficult to make rational decisions, especially when you are worried about the welfare of your child. In these times, having an experienced family law attorney to hold your hand and guide you through can make all the difference.

Allison Folmar has represented Metro Detroit area families in all areas of family law, including child custody, divorce, and child support. She understands the unique challenges that these issues bring and is well-equipped to guide you through to a positive conclusion.

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How Attorney Allison Folmar Can Help You With Your Family Legal Matter

Allison approaches her clients’ family law issues with a compassionate determination that achieves the right results. She provides legal assistance and guidance to parents on a wide range of family law issues including:

There are several ways in which these family law issues can crop up, and when they do, things become problematic very fast. It does not matter what you are facing though. Attorney Allison Folmar is experienced and trusted by families throughout Michigan to provide the right legal direction.

Divorce in Dearborn Michigan

Ordinarily, before spouses can file for divorce, they must usually show that the other party did something wrong. This may include showing that their spouse committed adultery or deserted them. Such divorces are referred to as “fault” divorces.

However, Michigan is a “no-fault” divorce state. This means spouses do not have to show that either of them was wrong or complicit in the marriage coming to an end. In Michigan, it is enough to show that there has been a “breakdown of the marriage”.

Once either of the spouses testifies to this in the appropriate court documents, they can begin the process of getting a divorce. In order to file, however, there are two conditions that must be present:

  • Either you or your spouse must have lived in Michigan for at least 6 months before filing; and
  • The divorce must be filed in the local county circuit court where the filing spouse resides.

Once a divorce has been filed, there are many issues that might require resolution, including child custody, child and spousal support, asset division, and parenting time. These issues are often complex and, depending on how quickly they are resolved, may prolong the divorce process.

Often, having a pre or postnuptial agreement can help resolve some of the complexity and make the process move smoother. It can also be beneficial to explore other means of divorce other than a court-supervised process. These may include collaborative divorce, which would include just you, your spouse, and your respective attorneys; or you could consider divorce arbitration.

No matter how you choose to approach your divorce and the complex issues that will need resolution, Allison will help you understand what is at stake and fight on your behalf for a positive resolution.

Parental Rights

The question of family and parental rights can often be glossed over, especially when a family comes into contact with government agencies. However, the rights of parents to care for their children and make decisions on their behalf is protected under constitutional and statutory law.

Every individual has a right to form a family and have children. And when they do so, they have the right to privacy in their family life and freedom from the coercive interference of the state, as held in Duchesne v. Sugarman 566 F.2d 817, 825 (2d Cir. 1977).

Parental rights include the right of parents to make decisions on behalf of their children less than 18 years. Parents are entitled to decide on how best to care for the child, make financial decisions on behalf of the child, as well as medical decisions.

Other parental rights include evaluation rights, which entitle a parent to seek and receive professional evaluations regarding the child’s welfare. A parent cannot be restricted in the range of advice they seek, and they have the right to accept or reject whatever evaluations they choose.

These rights cannot be fettered or denied in any way, unless upon proof of wrongdoing. Even if a parent is suspected of wrongdoing, especially with respect to the child, these rights can only be abridged upon the valid order of a court. No matter what challenges you are facing to your parental rights, Allison will stand by your side and face the fight with you head-on.

Child Protective Services (CPS)

Michigan Child Protective Services (CPS) are charged with the protection of children and families in Michigan. The agency is expected to identify, investigate, and intervene in situations of child abuse and neglect in Michigan, including removing children from harmful situations.

The work that child protective services do is vital for the welfare and good health of children in the state. However, due to a lack of adequate checks and balances, CPS  often ends up overreaching its powers.

Too often, families that come in contact with CPS end up having horror tales of administrative bullying, unfair prejudice, and shoddy investigation. CPS should not tear apart families or harm them. Yet, this is what often happens.

Allison’s CPS practice is devoted to assisting parents who are being unfairly targeted by the agency. She provides staunch support and legal assistance in these cases to prevent prejudicial enforcement of child protection laws. If CPS has gotten involved with your family, know that you are not alone. Contact Allison for help immediately.

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