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Facing a criminal charge is one of the most terrifying experiences in life. The criminal laws are generally designed to give no breaks and once a person is alleged to have committed a criminal offense, expect the criminal justice system to roll on implacably.

The consequences of criminal offenses are severe and life-altering. They range from imprisonment to fines, and loss of certain privileges. But, some of the most damaging consequences are often those that result from the status of being convicted of a crime, which can include loss of the rights to child custody, as well as life long reduced job and life opportunities.

Considering the horrible consequences of a criminal charge, it is absolutely crucial to contact an experienced Metro Detroit criminal defense attorney immediately when the charge is filed. When a criminal charge is filed, there is no time to waste as the police and prosecutors will already be working hard to find evidence that supports the charge.

If you, your spouse, child, or someone you know is being investigated or charged with a crime, you likewise have no time to waste. Do not attempt to fight the criminal system alone. Call Detroit criminal defense lawyer, Allison Folmar, immediately for a 100% free phone consultation to begin your legal defense.


Dedicated Criminal Law Defense

Detroit Criminal Defense Lawyer - Police CarWhen it comes to criminal defense, the stakes are understandably high. These cases involve a very real threat to your freedom, finances, and even your personal and family life. Allison Folmar understands the high stakes in criminal matters and responds by providing no-holds-barred representation for her clients in these matters.

For Allison, there are several fundamental and non-negotiable, human and constitutional rights that you are entitled to in your criminal defense. When you first contact Allison, her first step will be to go over your case with a “fine-tooth comb” to verify that you were provided every single one of these rights and to find a way to get your matter dismissed if possible.

Where the prosecution, investigation, or criminal charge is lacking in any one of these fundamental protections, she will fight tooth and nail to ensure you receive the benefits of these protections. While the criminal process is important to ensuring that people and families can remain safe in society, the system can often turn on the same people it is meant to protect. When this happens, the lines between fairness and injustice are often blurred, and very quickly too.

If you are in this situation, Allison’s job is to protect from the injustice of the system, lead the way to legal victory thereby working tirelessly on your behalf to see that justice is done for you. She provides fierce legal representation for families and individuals throughout Michigan in the following areas:


  • State crimes: Michigan state law includes a wide range of criminal offenses for which a person can be charged. These include offenses against property, person, and life. These offenses generally carry stern penalties that can have life-altering consequences. If you have been charged with a criminal offense in Michigan, you need to act fast if you are going to secure a positive conclusion. Get in touch with Allison today.


  • Federal crimes: Being charged with a federal crime can often be an entirely different affair. This is because the federal criminal justice system is often unforgiving, and includes definitions of crime and consequences that are strict, to say the least. A person charged with a federal criminal offense must be prepared for an incredibly tough process, and for this purpose, only the services of a tough-as-nails criminal defense attorney will suffice.


  • Family-centered criminal defense: Although it is disheartening when it occurs, families can often be a target of criminal acts, often by a family member. However, there are several other cases where a charge is wrongly filed, such as unfair or illegal charges of child abuse or neglect. Allison provides legal defense to assist parents or individuals unfairly charged in these situations.


Criminal Defense for Parents in Michigan

Allison is a criminal defense expert for families that are charged with criminal violations under Michigan family law. There are many instances in which the services of an accomplished criminal defense attorney will be required in family law cases. These include:

  • Criminal allegations of child abuse or neglect
  • Failure to pay child or spousal support
  • Domestic abuse
  • Child abduction
  • Endangerment of a child
  • Child pornography or sexual abuse

While there are situations where many of these charges will be justified, there are several more where the allegations are unfounded and unfair. Sadly, innocent persons can get caught up in situations very easily, and before a lengthy examination shows their innocence, they may have lost too much, including their own children.

Parents can often find themselves walking a tightrope when it comes to allegations of child abuse, medical abuse, or neglect especially. It takes only one phone call to get Child Protective Services involved in a situation, and once they are involved, the situation can deteriorate drastically.

If you are being unfairly accused of criminal offenses involving a child, it is absolutely vital that you secure a strong legal defender immediately. These cases tend to proceed quickly and any delay may only compromise your chances of a favorable resolution.

Allison Folmar is a nationally recognized advocate for parental rights and she has more than 21 years of criminal defense expertise on behalf of countless individuals and families throughout Michigan. If you are charged with a crime or the subject of a criminal investigation by CPS or the police, get in touch with Attorney Folmar immediately.


Expungement of Records from Child Abuse Register

CPS maintains a child abuse register to which it adds the names of individuals who have been found culpable of child abuse or neglect violations. The purpose of the register is to serve as notification to government and private agencies that the person in question is a proven child abuser.

Being added to the child abuse register can be very damaging for individuals, especially with respect to anything involving children. Such an individual may be barred from adopting a child, obtaining or retaining child custody, or getting any jobs or appointments that have anything to do with children. In addition, being added to the child abuse registry can be damaging to a person’s reputation and good standing in society.

Sadly, many people find their names on the child abuse register even when they are innocent of the charges against them. Allison understands the detrimental effect of having one’s name on this register and has been very successful at making sure this damaging information is expunged.

If you were unfairly or illegally added to the child abuse register, contact Allison Folmar at once. She will work tirelessly to interface with the relevant agencies and clear your name of all wrongdoing.


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