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Child custody matters are one of the major issues that arise in divorce proceedings. Things can often get messy, especially where the courts have to decide which of the parents will take lawful custody of the child.

Navigating child custody questions can be tough, and for these questions, it always helps to have a skilled Detroit family law attorney on your side. If you need an attorney who can help you preserve your relationship with your child, call Allison Folmar today.

What does Child Custody mean in Divorce Proceedings?

Child custody may be described as a right and a legal obligation of one or both parents of a child, mostly in divorce proceedings. It could mean the rights of a parent to have the child within his or her residence or physical care. It could also mean the responsibility of one or both parents to take care of the child.

In many divorce proceedings, there are disputes as to who takes custody and bears responsibility for the child. The post custody stage also comes with complications like visitation and child support.

In most cases, the court hears both parents before granting a custodial order. But the court may be open to granting the order without hearing, in emergency divorce cases. In such cases, the party files for an ex parte order supported with proof of imminent danger or harm.

Types of Custody in Michigan

Child custody in Michigan can be of two types depending on the parameter of classification. It can be legal or physical. While legal custody implies the existence of legal rights and responsibilities as a parent, physical custody implies the place of physical residence of the child at the given time.

Courts are guided by the Michigan Child Custody Act in determining who gets custody of the child in divorce proceedings.  Recourse is usually made to the best interest of the child as guided by some factors including;

  • Emotional ties between the child and the parties
  • The permanence of the proposed custodial arrangement as a family unit
  • Fitness of the parties as to moral character
  • Mental and physical health of either parent
  • Willingness and ability of each parent to maintain a close and continuing parent and child relationship etc.

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