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Getting a divorce can be scary, overwhelming, and confusing. Especially when it comes to you and your children. Allison understands that this is one of the most stressful situations you will ever have. Her goal is to help guide you through this process and make it as smooth as possible. If you stressed and aren’t sure what to do next please call Allison for a 100% free phone consultation so she can help relieve your stress and help you make the right decisions for you and your family.

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“Professional, Prepared, Poised, and she knows the law. Ms. Folmar made sure the laws of Michigan & the best interest of my son stayed in the forefront of my custody case. Unfortunately, I wasted time & money on other attorneys before meeting her. Trust me!! As a mom who had to fight, get Ms. Folmar on your team from the start!” – Sandra

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Attorney Allison Folmar

A Quick Summary of the Divorce Process in Michigan

Once a divorce complaint has been filed, this officially begins the divorce process. The next step is to “serve” the Summons and Complaint on the other spouse. This can often be done by certified mail, hand-delivering the papers in person, or any other process that the court allows.

Once the parties have filed their papers, a stage known as the “discovery” stage will commence. At this stage, the attorneys on both sides will try to gather the information that is helpful to the case of either party. This includes information that can assist in a fair distribution of marital assets, such as income, the value of businesses, shares, and other assets. They will also be necessary for identifying information that will help the court assess and award child custody, including proposed living arrangements, how much time each parent has to work, and other information.

After the end of the discovery process, the court will hold a hearing to settle any issues that were discovered during this process. This stage gives the parties the opportunity to resolve any disputes in the divorce and reach a faster resolution.

Why Should You Call Attorney Allison Folmar to Help You with Your Divorce?

Allison Folmar has represented Metro Detroit area families in all areas of family law, including child custodyparental rightsdivorce, grandparent’s rights, and child support. She understands the unique challenges that these issues bring and is well-equipped to guide you through to a positive conclusion.

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Not only does she fight passionately for all of her clients, but she is also a Recognized National Expert on Parental Rights,  Medical Kidnapping, and the Constitutional Rights of adults and special needs children.

“Allison is vivacious, genuine and truly believes in my rights. She does extensive research and reviews with her peers. She truly is fighting for me. Her presence is strong and powerful with ethics and convictions of justice. I would highly recommend her.”


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