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Detroit Family Attorney Allison Folmar has represented Metro Detroit area families in all areas of family law, including child custody, parental rights, divorce, the rights of special needs children, CPS cases, and child support. She understands the unique challenges that these issues bring and is well-equipped to guide you through to a positive conclusion.

If you, or someone you know, has legal issues bordering on family law or divorce in Michigan, call Allison Folmar today.

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Allison is an experienced family attorney with a proven track record of success fighting and winning challenging legal battles. In addition, Allison Folmar is a Recognized National Expert on Parental RightsMedical Kidnapping, and the Rights of special needs children.

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Parental Rights

Parents are the absolute lifeline to the growth, development, and future of their children. Parents occupy a special position with respect to their children. This special relationship is recognized by law and protected through the legal enforcement of parental rights. Parental rights are the constitutional powers vested in parents to exercise responsibilities in caring for their children.

The law allows a parent to make decisions regarding their child until they reach the age of 18. Even after they reach the age of majority, if your child has special needs, you should have the priority in the care and decision making for him or her, not the courts.

If your parental rights are being threatened or violated in any manner, a Detroit family law attorney can help. Attorney Allison Folmar is an experienced family law attorney practicing in Detroit, MI. She has assisted countless families with understanding their parental rights and taking action to enforce these rights when threatened.

Detroit Family Law Attorney

Like the families it applies to, family law is often complex, with issues that are usually multi-layered and multi-dimensional. Due to their difficulty, grappling with issues surrounding family law can often be stressful and emotionally draining.

Allison Folmar has represented Metro Detroit area families in all areas of family law, including child custody, divorce, and child support. She understands the unique challenges that these issues bring and is well-equipped to guide you through to a positive conclusion.

If you, or someone you know, has legal issues bordering on family law or divorce in Michigan, call Allison Folmar for a confidential consultation today.

Detroit Criminal Defense Lawyer

Facing a criminal charge is one of the most terrifying experiences ever for both the accused and their familyCriminal laws are generally designed to give no explanation once a person is alleged to have committed a criminal offense. Expect the criminal justice system to roll on implacably. Considering the terrible consequences of a criminal charge, it is absolutely crucial to contact an experienced Detroit criminal defense attorney.

When a criminal charge is filed, there is no time to waste as the police and prosecutors will already be working hard to find evidence that supports their charge.

“Knowledge is power. I empower my clients on the fine details of their rights—their human rights and their civil rights. That sense of justice for everyday people is what drives me from case to case.”

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Divorce & Child Custody

Michigan is a “no-fault” divorce state, meaning spouses do not need to prove that the other caused the divorce in some way. In several other states, it is necessary to show that one of the spouses did something wrong, such as adultery or being in jail for a period of time.

However, in Michigan, it is sufficient to show that the marriage has irretrievably broken down and the spouses do not believe they can continue to be married. At least one of the spouses will be required to testify to this fact, usually through an affidavit filed with the court.

Sometimes, determining how these rules apply to your case can be straightforward. Other times, it will be incredibly complicated, requiring the assistance of an experienced Detroit area divorce attorney.

Medical Kidnapping

While parents have a right to decide what medical treatments their children receive, state agencies can often unfairly take that decision away from them citing a  “Compelling State Interest”. Often, parents find themselves in an unfamiliar situation where they are forced to accept certain medical treatments for their child, even when they know these treatments are harmful.

If you have experienced this situation, you and your child may have been a victim of medical kidnapping. Having your right to care for your child violated is devastating. Yet, this pales in comparison to knowing that the alternative medical treatment you are being forced to accept is much worse.

Metro Detroit area family law attorney, Allison Folmar, has been at the forefront of the fight against medical kidnapping in Michigan and nationally. She keenly understands the constitutional rights of parents and has helped countless families fight against the injustice of medical kidnapping. If you are experiencing any interference with your parental rights, Attorney Folmar can help.

Constitutional Rights: Medical Treatment for Special Needs Children

You have a right to secure assistance with obtaining the necessary medical treatment that will allow your child to live his/her best life. You are also entitled to make decisions on how best to help your child access safe medical treatment. No one loves your child more than you.

For experienced Metro Detroit area family law attorney, Allison Folmar, these rights and constitutional freedoms are important, not just to you as a parent, but for the welfare and safety of your child. As such, it should not be a struggle to exercise your constitutionally guaranteed right to treatment for your special needs child(ren).

If you are being deprived access, in any way, to medical treatment for your child’s need, Allison will use her skill and expertise to make sure the system does not abuse its authority and ruin your life.

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