Attorney Allison Folmar

Detroit Divorce & Family Law Attorney

Allison Folmar - Detroit Family Law Attorney

Civil Rights Attorney Allison Folmar garnered international attention as she passionately fought numerous charges brought against her client, Michigan mother Maryanne Godboldo who refused to give her daughter a powerful antipsychotic drug documented to have severe and deadly side effects. Attorney Folmar fiercely challenged the state’s illegal kidnapping of Ariana under the guise of “medical neglect.”

She won a 10-month legal battle against the Michigan Attorney General and state prosecutors on behalf of a parent’s fundamental constitutional right to refuse to administer powerful and dangerous psychiatric drugs to their child. Her zealous advocacy also changed Michigan state law, making it illegal for Child Protective Services to intervene simply on the basis that a parent chooses not to administer certain mind-altering drugs to their child.

Attorney Folmar has assisted in writing the current Federal Interstate Compact Agreement as well as writing federal legislation to protect parental rights. Folmar serves on the executive board of and has won dozens of cases across the country fighting for a parent’s right to choose the course of medical treatment for his/her child.

Attorney Folmar has also championed difficult victories in the Federal protections under The IDEA (The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act). For twenty years in private practice, Attorney Folmar has been a forceful protector of constitutional rights in criminal defense and family law.

In addition to her private practice, Folmar travels the country educating attorneys, legislators, and parents on the constitutional aspects of parental rights. She has received the CCHR (Citizen’s Commission on Human Rights) Award and other state and confessional recognition across the country for her work in the area of protecting constitutional rights. She leads the Social Justice Ministry at her local church and she is an outspoken advocate in her community as she demands Distributive, Procedural, and Retributive Justice.

Allison is a native Detroiter who lives by the adage “ If service is beneath you, then leadership is beyond you.” She is most honored to be the parent of her amazing teenage daughter, Ashleigh.